Kid Rock's Bio

Born Bob Ritchie on January 17th 1971, in Romeo,

Mich., Kid Rock began his libidinous rap/djing

career when he was just 15 years old. Raised in

what he refers to as a "hick-town," Kid Rock

quickly gained a reputation in the nearby Mt.

Clemens housing projects, spinning up his rare

brand of potty-mouthed raps -- which comprised

psychedelic rock, hip-hop, soul, jazz and funk

for nightly dance parties. After a move to New

York City (where he reportedly lived below Queen

Latifah), Kid Rock formed relationships with many

area rappers and eventually landed an opening slot

on a 20-city tour with Ice Cube and Too $hort.

He was only 18 years old. It wasn't until 1990

that he released his fist album, Grits Sandwiches

for Breakfast, on the Jive label. The album

helped define Kid Rock's bad-boy attitude. After

a college disc jockey played one song from the album,

"Yodelin' in the Valley," Kid was fined almost

$25,000 by the FCC for what was termed "the most

indecent thing ever heard" by the president of the

university. But the Rock pushed on, producing

one lewd album after another -- including

1993's The Polyfuse Method, 1996's Early Morning

Stoned Pimp and the tasteless Fire It Up EP -- and

steadily gained a cult following. In 1998,

he signed with Atlantic Records, who released

Devil Without a Cause in 1998. That same year,

the Detroit Red Wings chose the opening rap from

Early Morning Stoned Pimp, which boasts the phrase

"Ain't no party like a Detroit party 'Cause a Detroit

party don't stop," as their victory chant.

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