*Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast-Jive 1990

*The Polyfuze Method-Continuum 1993

*Fire It Up EP-Continuum 1994

*Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp-Top Dog 1996

*The Polyfuze Method Revisited-Top Dog 1997

*Devil Without A Cause-Atlantic 1998

*History Of Rock- Atlantic 2000

Single Tracks

*Free Air Festival-Track 4

*Fox Sports Game Time-Track 3

*The Hard + The Heavy-Track 2

*WCW Methods Of Mayhem-Track 8

*Road Rash-Track 8

*South Park-Track 16

*Detroit Rust City-Track 10

*Grammy Nominees 2000-Track 7

*Totally Hits-Track 18

*Woodstock 1999-Track 5

*Bootleg Live On Air-Track 5

*WCBN 104.7 FM. Naked-Track 11

Guest Appearences

*ICP Carnival Of Carnage-Track 7

*Murder 1 American Junkie-Track 6

*Methods Of Mayhem-Track 5

*Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surpirse-Tracks 1 & 10

*Run DMC-Crown Royal-Track 4- Scream For Your Life


*The Strangeland Soundtrack-Track 13

*Any Given Sunday-Track 9

*Crow-Salvation Soundtrack-Track 4

*Ready To Rumble-Track 4

*Mission Impossible 2 Soundtrack-Track 9-Uncle Kracker feat. Kid Rock

*Shanghai Noon Soundtrack-Track ?-Song Cowboy

*Road Trip Soundtrack-Track 2-Song E.M.S.P.

Other Work

*Walk On Water Kid Rock: Engineer

*Sunday Morning Music-Kid Rock: Producer, Programer

*Uncle Kraker - Double Wide-Kid Rock: Producer

Interview CD's

*Maximum Kid Rock The Unauthorized Biography

*Star Profile Imported Interview CD


*Only God Knows Why Imported German Single

*I Am The Bullgod Promo Single

*Cowboy Imported UK Single

*Cowboy American Single

*Bawitdaba American Single

*Devil Without A Cause Imported Japan Single

*Back From The Dead Single CD

*Only God Knows Why Imported German Single

*I Am The Bullgod CD Single

*Prodigal Son CD Single

*American Bad Ass Single


*Early Mornin Stoned Pimp Cassette Single

*Bootleg Cassette 1994

*Back From The Dead Cassette Single


*The Devil Knows My Name Unauthorized Biography Video- 2000