Grit Sandwiches For Breakfast

Yo-Da-Lin In The Valley
Genuine Article
Cramp Ya Style
New York's Not My Home
Super Rhyme Maker
With A One-Two
Wax The Booty
Pimp Of The Nation
Abdul Jabar Cut
Step In Stride
The Upside
Style of Expression
Trippin' Over A Rock

The Polyfuze Method

Killin Brain Cells
Prodigal Son
The Cramper
3 Sheets To The Wind (What's My Name)
I am the Bullgod
Fuck U Blind
Back From The Dead
My Oedipus Complex
Balls In Your Mouth
Rollin' On The Island
Rain Check
Trippin' With Dick Vitale
T.V. Dinner
Pancake Breakfast
Blow Me
In So Deep
U Don't know Me