The Me Page!!!!!

Hey everyone!!! I'm Laura and I was born on March 23, 1986(Which makes me 15 at the moment). My parents are divorced, I'm an only child and I live in Michigan(Such an exiciting state I know......The production of cars is the best thing in the world....NOT!........We done have some awesome music artists who've come from here like Kid Rock, Eminem(Hi my Name Is.....), Allyiah* or however you spell it, New Radicals,Insaine Clown Posse(those guys are whack! I think they are from Michigan.Someone tell me if I'm right or not) and Madonna, etc.....). Well I'm like 5'2", brownish/blondish hair, blue/grey eyes. I'm just an average teenager I think. Except for the fact that I go to counseling twice a week.................................Now I know when you read this that you'll think I'm some pyshco or something but I'm not. I just have a lot of problems that I need helpt o deal with. And the only way you'll ever find them out is if we're really good friends and I actually trust you to keep a secret. So on that note, I wanna give a shout out to the Class of 2000!! Which consists of Charles B., Mallory B., Jess B., Michael C. (Well he left but he was a part of the class), Nick D., Colleen E., Patrick E., Adam F., Julie F., Taylor H., Melissa J., Elizabeth K., Catherline L., Kim M., Josh M., Laura M., Lauren M., Michael M., Laura M.(Me), Mallory M., Steve N., Emma R., Danielle R., Katie S., Katie T., Amdrew W., Jim W., Sarah A., Matt B., Mary B., Mark C.(You'll make it through summer school), Ryan G., Steve H., Michelle J., Alyssa K., Jason K., Eva K., Justin K., Bronson K., Tony L., Sara M., Nick M., Erica M., Ashley M., Andrea N., Chelsea P., Bridget P., Lindsay R., Gloria R., Frank R., Kellie S., Daniellie S., Nick T., Amy W., and Blake Z. :) We are the Class Of 2000!! :) I love you all so much! After having been with most of you for 8 years, you guys are all like family. Even if some of you haven't been here for 8n years, you are all still the best! I'll miss you all!

Well I love playing sports especially Basketball, football, skiing, rollerblading, volleyball and about anything other sport. I just might not be the best at it. :) I also have to homepages a third in the making. The Backstreet Boys one was made a long time ago(like 2 years). I just don't update it. I also have a Kid Rock web site which is best. I'm working on Laura's Cyber Space Cafe which is far from being done. Well aside from my web pages I also love to hang with friends, shop, read, listen to music, talk online, and just have fun!! Some of my favorite artists are Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, Orgy, Korn, BSB, *N Sync, 98. LFO, 5ive, Eminem, TLC, Blink 182, Sugar Ray, Destiny's Child, Vertical Horizon, Lone Star, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Jay-Z, Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, Savage Garden, Juenville, and a ton of others! There are too many to name!!! And of courze I love hanging with guyz. That's the best way to spend time. Trying to find a boyfriend!!! I'm currently single..................Yet..................................................I have someone in mind..............................If someone wants to ask me.....You can......................It doesn't mean that I'll tell you anything! LOL j/k or maybe I'm not.....................................You'll just have to see. I just also wanna tell you some of my favortie songs at the moment. And they are(in no particular order): 1) The Real Slim Shady By Eminem 2) Higher By Creed 3) Everything You Want By Vertical Horizon 4) American Bad Ass By Kid Rock 5) I Wanna Know By Joe 6) I Think I'm In Love With You By Jessica Simpson 7) Adam's Song By Blink 182 8) I Wanna Be With You By Mandy Moore 9) Crash and Burn By Savage Garden 10) The Thong Song By Sisqo 11) Graduation By Vitamin C 12) This I Promise You By *N Sync 13) It's Gonna Be By *N Sync 14) Make Me Bad By Korn 15) Break Stuff By Limp Bizkit 16) Faith By Limp Bizkit 17) Back 2 Your Heart By Backstreet Boys 18) Girl On TV By LFO 19) I Don't Wanna Kiss You Goodnight By LFO 20) Forever By LFO 21) Party Up By DMX 22) Devil Without A Cause By Kid Rock And too many other ones to name!!! And of course I love all of the music videos for these songs as well. ~*My Favorite Movies*~ 1) 10 Things I Hate About You 2) Teaching Mrs. Tingle 3) Object Of My Affection 4) Stepmom 5) Big Daddy 6) Parent Trap( Hey it's a cute movie so don't even think of saying anything about it) 7) Both of the Brady Bunch Movies( These movies are both hilarious) 8) Hush 9) She's All That 10) Drive Me Crazy 11) Wish Upon A Star And too many other ones to name. Those are some of the best though. Advice to anyone who's never seen 10 Things I Hate About You, I highly recommend you seeing it. It's a get romantic comedy that's set in a scence that actually a good majority of teenagers could somewhat relate to. Everyone go see it!!!! ~*My Favorite Quotes*~ "We laughed when they said we wouldn't want to leave. We cried when they made us!" - Concering leaving SLS "As we go on we remember all the times we had together. And as our lives change come whatever, we will still be friends forever"-Graduation by Vitamin C. "It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone- but it takes a lifetime to forget someone." -Unknown "For a long time I was in love. Not only in love, I was obsessed.-"Simple Kind Of Life By No Doubt "When you like someone, tell them. For you never know what could happen. If you pass up the chance, 20 years from now you'll wonder if the two fo you could have ever had something. And for all you know, that person could be your soul mate"-Me "I wanna know what makes you cry. So I can always be the one to make you smile.:-D"-I Wanna Know By Joe "Women, make sure that you are treated with respect and like the goddess you are. Never let a man control you or walk all over, cuz when it's all over, you'll be the one hurting."-Me "You can't help who you fall in love with, but you can help what you fall into."-Me "He's everything you want, he's everything you need, he's everything inside of you that you wish you could be. He says all teh right things, at exactly the right time, but he means nothing to you and don't know why."-Everything You Want By Vertical Horizon "Live and learn, and then get Luvs!"-Me "There are lots of pathes in life to go down. Which one to choose???? Follow your heart, for it won't lead you wrong."-Me "Live each day to the fullest because for all you know it could be your last."-Me "Speak your heart though your everyday way of life. It could make a change for the better of for the worst. It depends on how you want it to be."-Me If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand. While you are wishing to be someone else, someone, somewhere, is wishing to be you. Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly. Love can make you happy, but it often times hurts, but love is only special, when you give it 2 who it's worth. When I met you I liked you, When I liked you I kissed you, When I kissed you I loved you,when I loved you I lost you. When you love something let it go, if it comes back to you it's yours forever, if it doesn't come back it was never your to begin with. When I saw you I was afraid to talk to you, when I talked to you I was afraid to hold you.. now that I love you, I'm afraid to lose you. "Your heart is like a bone. When a bone is broken, once it heals, it grows stronger. The same thing applies to the heart. Even though when it's broken and it hurts to go through all the pain, in the end it will only help you and make you a much stronger person then you were before."-Me "Keep your friends close, keep your enemies even closer."- I'm not saying who "What does not kill us, can only make us stronger."-Amaya from the Real World/Road Rules Challange "Yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup"- My friend Colleen M. "It's all good!"-My friend Colleen M. "You cannot change what is part of you, although I've often tried. My body was never thin enough, my imperfections I'd always hide. I smiled when they said I was beautiful, I laughed when they said I was great. But it took a long time to believe in their words, I figured lonliness was my fate. The boys said they loved me, But I was tossed, used and torn, So many took me as a joke, I crawled inside myself-scared and forlorn. My self-esteem had let me down, my belief in myself was nil. I did not understand where I was headed, Could not understand until... I finally decided to believe in me, I realized I was worth so much. This was when I could see through the storm, when I allowed my soul to be touched.I sometimes wish for money and love, when times get distressing & tough. But I know that I will always love myself, no matter what- I AM ENOUGH!"-Unknown ~*Fav Male Celebrities*~ 1) Fredde Prince Jr. 2) Joseph Gordon-Levitt 3) Heath Ledger 4) Nick Lachey 5) Drew Lachey 6) Mark McGrath 7) The whole Red Wings Hockey Team( We will win anotehr Stanley Cup!) 8) Blink 182 9) Matchbox 20 10) Jordan Knight 11) LFO 12) Limp Bizkit 13) Kid Rock 14) Korn 15) Eminem 16) Backstreet Boys 17) 98 18) *N Sync 19) Joshua Jackson And a ton more! :-P ~*My Fav Female Actresses*~ 1) Julie Stiles 2) Katie Holmes 3) Michelle Williams 4) Carly Pope 5) Leslie Bibb And there are a lot of otehr great actresses out there as well. ~*Fav TV Shows*~ 1) Real World 2) Road Rules 3) TRL 4) Any other MTV show 5) Dawson's Creek 6) Felicity 7) Popular 8) South Park A lot of other shows are cool 2.

I just wanna say hi to my friends: Andrea, please get off of the Sugar!! It will do the rest of us some good!! The cat and proposal!! lol J/K L.Y.L.A.S.4 Ever.

Mary, you are the greatest! I hope we stay friends forever.L.Y.L.A.S.4 Ever. The frisbee! LOL And of course, The Game That Doesn't Throw Frisbees On The Roof Or Dent Cars!!! LMAO

Laura, we are such great friends we'd better stay that way, or else! Barbie!!! J/KL.Y.L.A.S.4 Ever.

Christa, you are probably one of the closest friends I'll ever find. Thanx for always being there. L.Y.L.A.S.4 Ever. And no I don't have your slipers your lamma in my backyard! LOL

Kim, You rox! Love ya!

Teri- Mrs. Timberlake? Ya never know.......Make it big like you dream of you and have a great chance girlfriend! Visit my friend's site here It makes fun of N Sync, you'll love it! lol

Co, Hey! Sup? When you read this I know you'll be in St. Louis so I hope you're having fun.

Sarah- Hope all is going well for ya! I bet you'll find someone soon. If not then we can talk about how guyz sux together. At least on how the mean ones do....hehehe :OP L.Y.L.A.S.4 Ever

Brit- The dancing smily face roxs!! HEHE Ask Kevin out girlfriend!Love ya bunches!

Daniel- You and Adela have got to be soul mates, I swear you are. :)Tell her or else I'll find a way to! LOL You're one of the greatest people and friends I'll ever meet. I love you

Keith- Get online more often!!!!I miss talking to u

Emma- Have fun in softball.

Gloria- No your dress is not too fancy. :)

Dave- Hi! I'll talk to you soon.

Dave(another one)- I can't believe that you and Jill broke up! I'm so sorry...I feel bad for you....:( But now you found Kristin. I bet she likes you! She's have to be crazy not to.

Julie, good luck with your basketball, I know for sure that you will win!!! Love ya! I'd better see you at Foley in the 2nd semister!!!! Or else! LOL

Mindy- I hope you and Adam are still going strong. Love ya!

Cassie- You are really cool! Us Anger Mangement peeps have got to stick together! LOL The Real Slim Shady

Erin- I know you just celebrated your 15th B-day so Happy Birthday!

Kristin- I'll see ya in two weeks! Hope all is well!

Laura- Hey! Whatcha up to???

Susan- How's track and soccer and everything going?

David- Thanx for the pop and gum.

John- Hey. Start talking to the rest of us more!

And I'll just say to all of the people who I mentioned earlier. You all rock!(Well most of you anyways......j/k) Margret- You are a great friend and I'm so glad we're going to Highschool together!!! Jhon Claude!!!! Or however you spell it!!! He's a hottie(You know what I'm talkin about :-)) L.Y.L.A.S.

Margie- I know that I just met you, but you seem really cool and I hope that we can be great friends!

Ryan- I just met you too in this little class of ours but you're really cool! (Pretty cute too)

Kenny- Eminem rocks! Did you ever think that you actually look like him too?

Dominic- I really don't know much about you yet but I hope that we become good friends in highschool. :-P

Lisa- I hope that we become great friends and I'll see ya in How To Succeed In Highschool Course and in Scripture, Bio, and Lunch!

Katie- Best Supporting Actress!!!!! LOL Love ya!

Juli- Hi!!!

Sarah- Hi!!!

Shannon- Hi!!! You're sooo cool. We'd better become really good friends!

Charles B.- Thanx so much for those interesting facts before Cedar Point. :OP Well it was still fun...........................I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Mallory B.- Green team! I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Jess B.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Nick D.- What are you gonna do? You can't call me Earcuff anymore! lol I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool! IM/E-mail me!

Patrick E.- The WB rocks! lol I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Adam F.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Taylor H.- Well.............I really don't know what to say.........................................................................Good luck in highschool.

Melissa J.- Green team! I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Elizabeth K.- Thank you very much :O).Good luck in highschool.

Catherine L.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Kim M.- It's been two great years! I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Josh M.- Good luck in Highschool!!!! I'll miss ya!!!!!

Lauren M.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Michael M.- No more sharing a locker next to you anymore. After two years I've had enough of it! j/k I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Mallory M.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Steve N.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Emma R.- Cedar point and the ride home was a blast! Keep in touch! I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Danielle R.- We're not gonna be Ribbon Ceramony partners anymore! :O( I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Katie S.- I miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Katie T.- No more Algebra! I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool

Andrew W.- You are a pretty cool guy. I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool! And see, dancing with me didn't kill ya either. :O)

Jim W.- God luck with De! I think you two make the cutest couple! I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool! IM/E-mail me sometime

Matt B.- I hope you and Ashley are together for awhile! I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Mark C.- Good luck with summer school. The ride home from Cedar Point was fun and that ICP song about Eminem is hilarious! I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Ryan G.- Are you still doing that straight/curly thing to Andrea? I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Steve H.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Michelle J.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Alyssa K.- I can't believe how well you did on the Highschool placement test! I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Jason K.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool! Hope things go well for you and Melissa.

Eva K.- I miss ya and goodluck in Highschool!!!!

Justin K.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Bronson K.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Tony L.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Sara M.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Nick M.- You'll do great at Cranbrook! I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Erica M.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Ashley M.- You and Matt are a really cute couple! I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Chelsea P.-I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Bridget P.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Lindsay R.- I'll see ya at Foley! It's gonna be a blast! I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool! Wait, I won't have to miss ya!

Gloria R.- Keep in touch! Had enough of the water rides yet? I'll miss ya! Good luck in high school!

Frank R.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Kellie S.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Danille S.- You and Jim make a really cute couple. Good luck you 2! I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Nick T.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Blake Z.- I'll miss ya! Good luck in highschool!

Christina- You're an awesome cheerleader. I know we'll become great friends!!

Gary- You are sooooo cool!!!! I swear you are! LOL Love ya!!!

Colleen- You're really cool! We'd better become great friends.

Erin- See above please! :-P

Laura G.- You're really cool. I hope to get to know ya better.

Veronica- Welicko is a bitch!!! LOL

Emma- Swim swim swim!!! LOL Homecoming was awesome and I know we'll become great friends! I love ya!!

Jen- Twin's Day! lol We're gonna be great friends! Love ya!!

Helena- You are so cool. We'd better become really good friends!

Val- SADD and Drama are cool!!!!!

Megan- Shoe! And the Devil!! LOL

And hello to the rest of my friends. You all know who you are. I don't have to spell it all out. :p :p :) :) :):) Yet if you feel excluded, E-Mail me and I'll put you in. If any of you have my AOL s/n feel free to IM me. I wanna keep in touch with all of you! May angels watchs over all of my friends and classmates. :)I love you all and even though we've had some rough times over the years, I wish all the best. I'll miss you all from SLS and I always miss all of my friedns when I'm not with them. I'll talk to you all really soon. I hope to keep in touch with all of you. You've helped to make me the person that I am. We've all shared some pretty great years together. We don't wanna cut off that friendship just cuz of Graduation. It's just an extension that will make them grow stronger. And I know that we were all a bit (or in some cases a lot) tearful tonight at the After Glow. Well since a lot of people are throwing Graduation Parties still, we get to do it all over again! How fun! lol I love you all once again. I'll never forget you guys and will always miss you. Laterz everyone!!! Anger E.D.G.E rules!!!!!! LMAO Not!!!! And if I forgot anyone from my how to succeed in highschool class, I'm really sorry. Just E-Mail em adn I'll put ya in there!!!!! P.S.- And check back soon cuz I'll be posting pics from Graduation, Ribbon Ceramony, and Cedar Point.