Graduation is a time that brings about an array of emotions

The sad and the glad

Loneliness and heartache

The happiness and the excitement

The sad describes how we feel about how we will miss our friends who have been

through the roughest of times with us and have never let us down.

For some people they are glad to be free of people who have caused them years

of heartache and grief.

Those who have reached out to so many different people countless times

experience the loneliness. Even though they have tried they ended up

being rejected. But then one time, someone reached back and they

connected with someone. Now they fear that this happiness and

connection they found will go away.

The heartache comes on the day of Graduation when all of the good byes must be


The happiness is made and relieved when each and every person relives a memory

from their past years with the people who surround them.

The excitement is when each person dreams about what the future holds.

But no matter how strong or weak these feelings are, there is one common bond

between us all.

The bond is the thanks that we have for each other.

Although we believe and think we donít appreciate them, deep down we really do.

I give thanks for each moment I have shared with each face that I see everyday.

Without the Lord our God, we could not have had the wonderful experiences we hold in the silence of our hearts.

So Lord, thank you.

This poem is a shoutout to the Class Of 2000 at SLS!!!!!

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